South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic recently wrote a piece in which he theorized about why young, progressive voters appear to loathe Pete Buttigieg. The 33-year-old journalist was puzzled as to how we haven’t gravitated to Mayor Pete on the basis of age alone:

This level of is vitriol is confusing…

President Donald Trump finds himself in deeper trouble as more details on the Ukraine scandal emerge.

In the early stages of the impeachment inquiry, there was a general understanding that the President had, at the very least, engaged in morally dubious behavior. Even some Trump supporters were of the view that the accusations, if true, warrant impeachment. …

Michael Bloomberg recently announced his candidacy for President.

Despite earlier statements distancing himself from the prospecting of running, Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the 2020 race. He’s portrayed himself as a moderate — a reasonable candidate who cares first and foremost about beating Trump and uniting the country.

As I struggle to return my eyes from their new…

Stacey Abrams (left) lost Georgia’s 2018 Gubernatorial race — but her opponent, Brian Kemp (right), engaged in a number of undemocratic maneuvers to suppress her supporters’ votes.

As the governments of Bolivia, Chile, and Hong Kong resist the development of democracy through military force, we may do well to remind ourselves that oppression of the masses doesn’t always require such flair. …

Mark Weiss

Book lover, avid reader, and aspiring coffee addict. Confronting the world with evidence and empathy.

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